30 day shred

So things haven’t been going the greatest with the weightloss. I am not sure I can meet my goal of 130 pounds by 30, so I am feeling a bit discouraged. I have been hovering between 212 and 218 for weeks. Thanksgiving weekend was a wash with my calorie intake, but I am determined to not gain any weight over the holidays. I am actually determined to lose weight.

In fact I am so determined that I have committed to Jillian Michaels’ 30 day shred. I did 2 days so far. My hubby has been enlisted tohelp make sure I do the workout everyday, and I have a countdown in my office to help keep me on track. It sounds weird I know, but I need to lose the weight. I need it for me. For only me. I need to stop making excuses.  So here I am again blog. Fat. Sore. Tired of this. Resolved to get back up.

I love the scripture that says a righteous man falls 7 times and gets back up. The key isn’t that he is perfect all the time. The key here, is that even though he sins, he gets back up and keeps moving forward. So for me, a sinner, a food addict, and a beautiful creation of God…this is me, getting back up.


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