Thursday Thoughts: dreams vs Reality

Have you ever had a dream where you get in a fight with someone and you wake up mad at them? Its as if you actually got in the fight. I had one of those last night and I woke up as if from a dream in a dream and I felt so mad and hurt. Its interesting how our dreams can become our reality.

I thought about that. I have dreamt of being at my goal weight. When I wake up though I am still fat. Yes, yes I said the “F” word. That dreaded word that no woman really wants to hear. We ask dumb questions like “does this make me look fat?” Like if by asking it we can be in denial. Or we are so disillusioned by shows like Top Model that how could. We possibly think that we are anything but fat. Hmmm…I digress

So back to dreams. Its possible that one day I will wake up from my dream of being thin and realize that I actually am. I just hope I can appreciate it enough to not think that I look fat. In everything.


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