Mom Mondays:Losing track and getting back

I have been gone. For a while. Its not that I completely lost focus, I just had to change my focus. I had to deal with issues that I couldn’t deal with writing on my blog. But here I am. I can’t say that completely perfect now, what I can say is that I’m on my way to meeting my goal. 130×30. I did lose track of this. This writing thing that I love. I lost track in the midst of changing priorities and being a mom and dealing with all of the stuff that comes up.

But I am back. I am here in this moment right now.

I have learned in the past couple of months that I have people around me that think I can succeed. I have women around me who will cheer me on and tell me how much I mean to them, and how much I mean to God. Even when all I want to eat is a tub of icecream, even when I feel like I can’t do this they remind me that I can.

I guess this isn’t really a ‘mom Monday kinda post. But that’s ok by me. I’m a mom. And its Monday.



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