Tuesday Tips::Planning for Vacation

We leave tomorrow for vacation. I have to say, planning to travel away for two weeks with a baby is a whole new experience. I was so nervous about forgetting something important for the baby that I made a list. Ok. I made an excel spreadsheet where I listed every thing that I needed for us and the baby. Including the location of the items. For instance I listed on the spreadsheet whether the item would be in the carryon, the suitcase, or the diaper bag..I know..a little OCD maybe? But c’mon. I have never had to pack for two weeks away for anyone besides myself and my husband. I figured I couldn’t be too prepared. Now I have a checklist to use for all of my trips. It’s pretty handy. Aside from feeling underprepared for our trip (like really? underprepared?)…I know I know. I never pegged myself as the neurotic type. I think it’s because its our first time away with him and I want to be sure that he has everything. Or rather that I have everything for him.

Our vacation should be awesome. We are going to the east coast (some areas were affected by the hurricane..and earthquake), and to England (you know, where there was rioting a couple of weeks ago). Way to plan for vacation! Ok. So I am laughing at myself right now. It figures that lots of strange things would happen prior to me going on the 1 vacation I have had in the last 4 years. And its a happy occasion. I get to introduce my son to family and friends. I am very excited.

That’s all for now. Have a blessed Tuesday. And remember. There is no such thing as overpreparing or planning for vacation.



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