210::Weigh-In update & On Being Absent

210 pounds. I am down to 210 pounds. Since the day I went in to deliver my son, when I weighed about 264 pounds, I have currently lost 54 pounds. Since being home from the hospital, when I weighed about 240, I have lost 30 pounds, and since I started this blog, I have lost 20 pounds.

I really have no excuse for being absent from my blog. There’s something about missing a commitment that makes it difficult to get back in the routine. The past 5 weeks I have been working on discovering my issues. My real issues so that I can deal with them and be freed from them once and for all. I have been doing this in the way of a Bible Study called Celebrate Recovery with a phenomenal group of women. I am humbled by the encouragement and love that these people show me each week. I appreciate their love, and that I can go in there stripped of pretenses. I can share me. Although there are times that I hold back, and I don’t share everything, I am opening up. I am a little stuck on one of the healing choices that the study talks about. It’s the one where I need to share my hurts and issues with someone else (another woman). I feel like I am still unpacking so much junk that if I tell her the few things on my list that I wrote down, I will have to come weekly to share the new things I unpack about my issues. But really its a lame excuse. I am afraid of being that vulnerable. My past experiences have taught me that being that vulnerable only leads to more hurt.I am fighting against this because I know someone I can share these things with without being judged, without being hurt, and I know I will be freed by doing it. So pray for me. Pray that I will sit down and unpack my life’s junk with someone. I so desperately need the freedom that will come.

I started exercising again. Jogging, walking, swimming. Last night I went swimming and it was wonderful! That’s all I got today. Too much to share in just one post. I will be back tomorrow. Come find out more.



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