Mom Monday:: Is Exhaustion an Appropriate Word?

Sam is back to getting up every 2 hours. It didn’t seem so bad when he was 2 months old for him to do this, but when we went from 5-6 hours straight, back to only 2? It’s hard. I am tired, the hubby is tired, and I can’t seem to find a solution. Mom’s are supposed to have the answers right? We are supposed to be able to fix things. It’s hard too because the baby has a cold or something. He has been running a low fever, maybe around 99-99.3 for about a week. Lots of boogers. I don’t think there’s anything the doctor could really do for him, since it kinda comes and goes on its own (except for the boogers..they seem to have taken up residence). Today I am just tired. Exhausted really. I feel discouraged on all fronts and I have a hard time conceding when I cannot do something. This I cannot fix. I hope there is sleep in my near future. To top it off, all I want to do is eat junk. I did that a few times over the weekend. Today, I am doing ok. Less junk, even though it sounds super tasty.

Sincerely, Tired discouraged mommy


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