Tuesdays Tip:: Why am I Doing This Again?

I have been having a hard time staying motivated this past week. There is a part of me that really just wants to call it quits. Throw in the towel. You get it right? This is hard. It’s hard to change patterns of behavior and to confront the real underlying issues that caused me to get here. So I asked myself the question: Why am I doing this again? Why bother? I have never been successful, what makes this time any different than before? What makes me think I can?

Here is the response to myself:

I deserve to live a healthy life in a healthy body. I am worthy of having strength, stamina, and endurance to live the kind of life I want to live. I am worthy to feel good about myself and about the way I look. I am worthy. Because God gives me worth. I am worthy of all the good things He has in store. I know that in order to be able to do some of the things He has called me to, it would help to be more physically fit, but the reality is that I cannot do this on my own. I need Him. I need His love, His presence, and His power. I need Jesus to do this. I need Him to heal my brokenness, and mend my life. I need Him to transform me in a way that I am not capable. I need Him. Truly. I need Jesus.

So why am I doing this again? I am doing this for me. I am doing the hard thing. It is stretching me, molding me, transforming me into the likeness of His very image. It is causing me to deal with the junk that I locked away in the closets of my heart.

So when you have those moments of self-doubt, and you think you can’t do it…well, maybe you can’t…but there is One with power greater than yours. And you can do all things through Him and His strength! But to be honest with yourself is a step in the right direction. SO ask yourself, Why am I doing this again? And hopefully the answer is that you are doing it for yourself.

Happy Tuesday!


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