Mom Mondays::Vaccinations and Deciding what’s right

In Colorado there are many parents who choose not to vaccinate their children for one reason or another. I understand what a difficult choice it can be when it seems like all of these deadly things that we vaccinate against are no longer an issue in our state. It seems like there are so many risks to getting the vaccinations, that taking our chances with our children contracting any one of these illnesses doesn’t seem that big of a risk. It’s such a big issue that we actually received a card from the governor’s office to congratulate us and to remind us to vaccinate our child. I am writing about this because it is an issue. Yes there are risks to vaccinating. Do your research, know what the risks are, but also, know what the risks are for the illnesses. How can your child contract them? Do you want to travel with your children? Could these diseases/illnesses cause a great deal of harm? Could they cause death? What’s the prognosis? There are so many questions a new parent has. I still have questions that are not answered, but I had to weigh the cost to decide what was right for me and my family. We waited until our little boy was 2 months old before he received any vaccinations. I chose to vaccinate him for many reasons. We plan to travel internationally with our children, and abroad, there are many more people who would be more likely to contract and spread any number of illnesses. I chose to vaccinate because I could. There are children who die daily in countries from preventable illnesses. A simple vaccine could prevent thousands of deaths per day. I chose to vaccinate because I felt the risk of the illnesses causing death or irreparable harm was much greater than the risk of the vaccine.

Sam had his 4 month shots last Tuesday, and let me tell you that it broke my heart to hear him cry and scream. The pain was short-lived though, and all we were left with was a bit of a low-grade fever, and a fussy baby for a few days. No we didn’t sleep that great, but knowing that my choice protects him from 16 illnesses before he turns 2, makes it worth it to me. There are a couple of websites that I found particularly helpful in deciding to vaccinate. They are linked below.

I know for many, they may not vaccinate, or may only vaccinate against a few illnesses, or they may vacciante when their child is a little older. The choice is yours, and it’s up to you to decide.

Blessings and Happy Monday!


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