Tuesday Tip: Have a Vision for What the “End Result” is

Have you ever tried to do something or accomplish something without a definitive picture of what it would look like to have succeeded?

Can you imagine a bridge builder saying, “Well, I want to build a bridge”.

What does it look like? “It looks like a bridge that crosses over water”.

What’s it made out of? “Materials that you build bridges with”.

Do you think this builder is going to get very far in building his bridge? Imagine the conversation if he were more specific. Imagine he instead said, ” I want to build a drawbridge that’s 200 feet high, 1/2 mile long, using steel and concrete, to go across that river over there”. Isn’t that a little more specific. Don’t you think he could draw that picture and maybe create a plan that would get him to that goal? Well, I am learning that its the same way with weight-loss. What does my goal look like? I could say any number of the following:

I want to be thinner

I want to lose weight

I want to live healthier

I want to have more energy

All of these things are good, but they are so intangible? I lost a pound, so am I at my goal? I lost weight right? I eat more vegetables, that’s healthy right? Without a clear vision, you are setting yourself up for failure. The Bible says that without vision the people perish, or without revelation the people cast off restraint (….but blessed is he who keeps the law….Proverbs 29:18), and I think it applies here. Without a vision for my physical well-being, I would most certainly cast off restraint. I have cast off restraint because I had no vision for my life at a healthy weight.

I am going through a LifeStyle Management Program through the wellness programs offered where I work. It is really good material. In some ways it brings clarity to my 130×30 project, by giving me a roadmap to getting there. It forces me to confront the harsh realities of why I am fat….obese. Yes I said the “O” word again. I know. No one likes to hear that or say it about themselves. I don’t. It makes me feel bad. Anyways, I am going through this program, and one of the exercises they ask you to do is to write benefits of what they call “Living Lean”. One of my benefits is the following:

To love the way I look when I wear a bathing suit or a pair of skinny jeans. To feel young, sexy, gorgeous, and energetic. (at 130lbs.)

Trust me, when I can look at myself in the mirror in a bathing suit and not feel like a beached whale, and when I can put on a pair of skinny jeans, and not look like I have tree trunks sticking out of my body, I’ll know I am there. I have also put a weight number on it. It makes it tangible in another way. It is precise. Either I will weigh 130 or I won’t, there’s no gray area there. I also know that for my height, 130 is a mid-range number.

Here’s some virtual Me’s so you can see the before and after that I am visualizing. If the Bible says to have a vision, here’s mine:

                            Me Now                                                                 Me Later


So there you have it, reasons why it is important to know precisely what the goal looks like. It will help you create a plan to get there, and it will help you to maintain it once you do.

Happy Tuesday! May it be Blessed!



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