Mom Monday::Be Prepared…for Anything

Yesterday morning when we got to church, I was getting ready to take Sam out of the carseat, when I noticed he had pooped. Okay, it was not like you couldn’t notice. It was a diaper explosion out of the legs of his diaper. To say that this was gross is an understatement. Sticky, stinky, gooey poo was all over his legs and the carseat. I had a moment of frustration, but then I just had to laugh. It would figure he would wait until we were out somewhere to explode like Mt.Vesuvius…killing everything in it’s wake. It took the 2 of us to clean him up, mostly because one had to keep his hands from getting into the poo. When we finally had him all clean, I was just putting on the new diaper…the last one I had in the diaper bag…when Sam starts to pee. A lot. Like a torrential downpour. It got on the wall, the changing table, and on him, ruining the brand-new, last diaper I had. Hmmm…the church had diapers, but they were smaller than his size. So I put one on anyways. I also discovered that his diaper bag really only had onesies. No real outfits. Talk about being prepared. I had managed to remember a bottle and some formula, but in the midst of getting ready, somehow missed the fact that he would need diapers and potentially some new outfits.

After church we went to a restaurant with some friends. When we were getting ready to go, it started to downpour. Clearly I was so prepared for anything yesterday that of course I had an umbrella and something to keep Sam from getting wet in the carseat right? Wrong. All we had brought in with us was a receiving blanket. Fortunately we were parked close to the door. The wetness was kept to a minimum, and when we got home we were able to finish cleaning the diaper, dirty clothes, and the carseat.

It’s not like you don’t know this already, but be prepared…for anything….for Mt.Vesuvius or torrential downpours. And well, keep your sense of humor close by. You’ll be needing it.




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