Walking, Walking, Walking

In the world of shows like the “Biggest Loser” and “Extreme Makeover Weight-Loss Edition”, it seems like the only way to lose weight and get healthy is by using extreme measures. I think it has created a mentality that says “if I can’t run, and exercise 8 hours a day, I will never lose weight or be healthy”. But this. Is. Wrong. Do you remember that contestant on “The biggest Loser” who lost 100 lbs. just by shadow-boxing? Shadow-boxing!! Do you remember the show called “Fat March”? It aired on ABC back in 2007. By walking a total of 575 miles over the course of 10 weeks, the contestants were able to lose an average of 50 pounds each. Walking? Yes. Walking.

These people walked an average of 8.2 miles per day. What if you could do that? What if I could do that? What if I broke it down into 20 weeks instead of 10. That would be an average of 4.1 miles per day. And potentially I could lose 50 pounds? Just by walking. (well, and watching what I ate). I wouldn’t “have” to do extreme exercise. I wouldn’t have to be a runner or even an athlete. I would just need to make walking a part of my daily routine.

The reason I am writing about walking is not only because of it’s simplicity, but because I did that. I walked yesterday for 30 minutes on my lunch break. I walked the night before for almost 4 miles…without even knowing I had gone that far. I felt great afterward. Like I could do anything. I walked, and I walked and I walked. My iPOD has a pedometer. It’s the new nano. It is pretty sweet. It clips on, plays music and counts my steps. It reminds me that one step at a time I will lose this weight.

Have a blessed Saturday




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