Food Friday::Changing my mind and Planning ahead

I love tasty food. I think one of the difficult parts of this journey so far is in changing my mindset. No more of this “can” or “can’t”, “good food”/”bad food” mentality. No more eating emotionally, or eating a certain way because that’s what I trained myself to do. These things will change not because they HAVE to, but because I am choosing to change them. I don’t want to eat emotionally. I don’t want to assign a rating system to the foods I eat so that I feel guilty if I eat a “bad” one.  I don’t want to live an unhealthy life. So I am changing my mind about food. One day at a time.

This week Nathan and I did great planning ahead. We bought salad fixin’s from a grocer that sells all locally grown produce, we made meal plans for each day, and because of the planning, we had incredible, delicious, healthy meals.

Here’s what we ate:

Breakfast:Cereal w/milk OR Quiche with bacon, cheese, tomato, and spinach OR Peanut Butter on toast w/Strawberries on the side

Lunch: Salad and 1/2 serving of stuffed chicken florentine

Dinner: Stuffed Chicken Florentine w/Side salad OR Steak wraps OR a BLT

1-2 of the following snacks each day: popcorn, strawberries, hummus, almonds, craisins, walnuts, cookies

There’s something about seeing it all written out like that that shows me my habits. I am so glad to have had a plan that worked. It worked because I decided it would. It worked because I wanted it to. I will share the recipes with you this weekend if you want to enjoy some delicious food too.




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