Weekend Hiatus and Crying Baby

Last night the baby cried. He just cried and cried and cried. The more we tried to console him, it seemed like the harder he cried. I cried too. It was so hard to hear him like that and to be able to do nothing about it. We finally decided that he was getting hot, REALLY hot, so we brought him upstairs to the air conditioner and camped out in front of it. I stood up with him and bounced him a bit after the hubby had had some time with him. At one point the only thing we could do was to lay hands on him and pray. Pray that if he was having pain, the pain would go away. Pray that, if he was having gas, the gas would pass. Pray for wisdom to know what to do for our precious little man. Finally, after praying, then deciding he was still REALLY hot, we stripped off all of his clothes and diaper, then layed him on the chair with his knees pushed up to his chest (we thought he was also having some serious gas pain), and he stopped. We knew he was tired. He barely napped all day. We knew he was hungry. He had eaten very little compared to normal. But we couldn’t figure out why he was crying like that.

The hubby gave him a bottle, and he sucked it down. He was out cold. Sleeping. It was a magical feeling. We were so thankful.

So sorry for the weekend hiatus from the blog. Saturday was a busy day, although no sweating, and Sunday was not stress-free. In the future I will make sure to give a heads up to expect me to be quiet for a few days.




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