Food Friday::Awareness and Hungry Girl Swaps

One result of this journey is awareness. Are you aware of what you are really putting in your mouth. I have been shocked (ok, not completely) to discover how many calories are in certain foods. Things that you would “think” are healthy in actuality are not. I was shocked to discover the number of calories in a chicken and vegetables  type of appetizer at Champs restaurant. Their chicken satay appetizer had over 1300 calories!! and it was just chicken and veggies in a sauce. HOLY MOLY. Good thing I shared it with 2 other people that day.

It’s said that ignorance is bliss, but I disagree. Ignorance of what you are doing to your body only makes things worse. When confronted with reality…it is at that moment that a true change can begin to occur. I know I can’t go it alone. For me my faith is so important to everything, including weight loss. It is said that all things are possible with Christ, and I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me…even this. So for me, awareness allows me to make an educated decision instead of blindly shoving things in my mouth. If I know that Chicken satay has 1300 calories, but I choose to eat it anyway, I at least made a choice, a conscious decision. Or instead of eating my dish alone, I have starting sharing my meals at restaurants. And each time i feel completely satisfied.

With that said, I love finding recipes for swaps to my favorite foods. It makes me feel like I can still enjoy the things I love. Just…differently. One site that I think is amazing is the Hungry Girl Website. On it you can find all sorts of recipes, food information, and fun polls dealing with weight loss and eating right. I think it is fabulous. And it’s fun. It’s a fun site that not only brings awareness about the stuff that we eat, but then they put their own twists on it. I have included some screenshots of one swap that was recently on their blog. You can find the original here. Be sure to look through all of their swaps to see if they include any of your faves.  At Arby’s the roast beef sometimes gets a bad rep, but their chicken salad sandwich, WATCH OUT!! See the original and the swap, and decide for yourself. Have a blessed, and aware, day.



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