Tuesday Tip: Learn the Unofficial “Rules”

After work today I went swimming at the gym. I was on a time crunch to get home to the fam, so when I saw that all of the lanes were double-booked, I improvised. One lane had a lady who was doing laps and another lady who was just slowly walking the lane. She didn’t mind sharing her lane with me. So I got in the pool and started warming up. On her side of the lane. About 10 minutes later the OTHER lady, who had been swimming laps, impolitely informed me of how I really just needed to wait until one of them was done because having 3 people in the lane was too difficult. Really? I mean really?

To be honest I hadn’t once been in her way, and I was very aware to make sure I stayed out of both of their ways while I was warming up. I was actively waiting for a spot to do my own laps. There were no signs that said “Only 2 People per Lane”. There were no staff members of the facility that said what I was doing was not ok. I guess these were just her rules. The things she made up in her head that were good courtesy. 

I did apologize because really I didn’t see what the big deal was, but to this woman, it was an issue. Apparently there was a rule I knew nothing about. I guess that’s how this process goes. I need to not only learn the official rules, I need to learn the unofficial ones as well. Point taken. Only 2 people per lane, even if there’s enough room for 1 more.

On a happier note, my workout went great! I felt great, my muscles were aching when I was done, and I felt like I could conquer the world.




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