Food Documentaries/Updated Weigh-in

Before I share about food documentaries, I need to share my current weight. I know I know, Friday is NOT weigh-in day. But, I was so discouraged after Wednesday’s weigh-in that I did some self-evaluation. I came to the conclusion that more than likely I was retaining water from the food I ate. So Wednesday and yesterday I made sure to watch my sodium intake, and drink extra water and guess what?? This morning I weighed in at 220. Total weight lost: 5 pounds. Total pounds to go: 90.

Now, I have a confession to make. I like documentaries. A lot. Over the years I have watched numerous one’s that have either educated, inspired, or made me cry. We started straming Netflix though our Wii back in February. I get to watch more documentaries because of this. I like it. My hubby groans when it’s my turn to pick something to watch. Right now, I am kinda getting into food related documentaries. I like to know the truth about what I am eating. I like to know where my food comes from. And, I like to watch interesting stories.

The three food-related documentaries I have watched in the past several months are Food, Inc.; FatHead; and Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. If you haven’t watched any of them, here are my non-professional, but very informative summaries and reviews:

Food,Inc.: We have no clue what is going on with our food. Fat chickens who don’t exercise, companies who want to take over the world, and people. Clueless people. People who have no idea about what goes into their food and what is good for them. My sister recommended this one. It makes me want to eat organic meat.  

FatHead: A follow-up to the one where that one guy ate only McDonalds and got super unhealthy and gained a ton of weight. The guy on this documentary set out to prove that weight could be lost by eating only fast food. And he did it. It was simple calories in versus calories out. He lost weight and improved his overall health, just by counting his fast-food calories. This one was a reminder to just count calories. For real. Know what you are putting in your mouth.

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead: Obese guy. Cartoons. Autoimmune disease. Ouch. Fruits and Veggies. Juice. To further explain: an obese guy with an autoimmune disease sets out to lose weight and get off of his meds by juicing fruits and veggies, and drinking ONLY that. For 60 days. He lost a lot of weight, and even inspired others to to start their own journey to health. It reminded me how important of a role fruits and veggies will play in my weight-loss journey. And it made me want to buy a juicer.

So there you are. Kristi’s unbiased simple reviews of three food-related documentaries. Check them out. Have a great Friday!




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