Independence Day::BBQ::Making it Work

I always thought that the 4th of July traditions were a little funny. What do fireworks and BBQs have to do with signing of our Declaration of Independence? Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a good fireworks show and I like burgers on the grill. But, I also like to understand the correlation between things. And really, I like non-traditional foods for traditional holidays. We BBQ’d at Christmas and Easter, and the thought ran through my head to have a turkey dinner for the 4th of July instead of a BBQ. I don’t think that one would have gone over quite as well. Plus, I really enjoy summer BBQs and having company at my house.

This year is a little different as a mommy. I am having a BBQ here at the house, in part because the baby will be home in his domain. And, so I don’t have to be out and about fending off crazy traffic. It sounds a little selfish I know, but that’s my new reality. I need to think of his needs, and if he gets really fussy, I can put him down for a nap in his own bed. Planning for a group of people to come over has also been a little challenging. My house was a mess yesterday. Today, it’s not as bad, and as soon as I am done writing this post, I will go finish up the basic house cleaning. It’s amazing how little energy I have to clean these days. I sometimes think that the expense of hiring a professional maid would be worth the investment. Too bad they cost so much. Back to the point I was trying to make about planning for an event as a new mommy…

One thing we decided to do was to ask our guests to bring a side dish to share. We bought meat and buns, and some chips, but instead of me or the hubby slaving away in the kitchen forever, making potato salad and fruit salad, and all the other things, if our guests want it, hopefully they brought it. I know it sounds bad, but the group of friends we have has done things this way for years. And it works. My mom will be coming, and I know her concern with gatherings is that we don’t run out of food. I had to encourage her that it would be ok. We have enough meat, we have enough chips, and people would be bringing sides. When we went shopping she kept wanting us to add things to our list, but I had to say no. For one, we don’t have the money to provide everything for everyone, and also, it’ll be okay. As a mom now, I know we can make it work. In the event of running out of food, we can always run to the store and quickly pick up anything that we need.

I try not to stress, and I just go with it. I plan to enjoy my BBQ today. To celebrate Independence Day with family and friends, by eating food. And maybe, even with the fire ban, there will be a decent fireworks display. Happy Independence Day!

God Bless!



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