Thai Food Friday

So today we go and celebrate my birthday. With Thai food. I LOOOOOVE Thai food. I honestly think I could eat it all day everyday and never tire of it. It is that good. There are a couple of considerations I know I need to have on this journey. I know the pitfalls of Thai food come with anything containing coconut milk, or that is fried. My favorite dish from my favorite restaurant is curry. This includes coconut milk, and I love the sticky rice and icecream with coconut milk. I am thinking this is going to have to be my main calories for the day. So I am planning ahead. Eating lite for the day. So I can enjoy my favorite dish from my favorite restaurant.

One thing I like about Thai food are the simple combinations of flavors. The food speaks for itself instead of always being breaded and fried. The sauces are very flavorful and enhance the foods, instead of covering them up. In my searching I discovered a website with recipes and how to cook Thai food. Here is a link to how to cook Penang Curry. It’s yummy. Try it.

Have a Blessed Day!



One thought on “Thai Food Friday

  1. Mmmm. Penang Curry…I can’t wait. I am looking forward to celebrating your birthday with you. Jarrod is totally on board too. Today the kids and I are going to go on some adventure, which will include the grocery store (always an adventure), and shopping for a gift for you. I am thinking something random and spontaneous, but subtly brilliant. Sounds fun. Smith right now is going crazy because he wants to eat the birds that are flying around outside. He is making those funny cat chirping noises. Cool. See you tonight.

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