Thoughts on turning 29

Today is my birthday. Yup. I knew you’d be excited. Today I turn 29. As I write this, it is actually the time I was born as well. Pretty cool huh? I thought so. It’s official. The last year of my twenties. I am not sure why it feels like such a big deal. Maybe because when you’re in your 20’s it’s like you are not a real adult. Like somehow, reaching 30 means you’ve really arrived into adulthood. Or maybe its that you’re a more seasoned adult and so you can speak into life issues with more authority. Or maybe I feel like people will take me more seriously if I am 30 than when I was 24 or so. But today feels like a big day, like a big deal.

I started this journey to 130 a week before my birthday. To give me some time before I got really serious. To start on this lifelong journey to stay a healthy weight and a year-long blog for me is a huge commitment. I have a lot on my plate. I have a husband, a son, a full-time job, a part-time business, part-time volunteer work at my church, and somewhere in there I need to focus on me. My blog helps. I get to think about how things are impacting my life and the choices I make for my life. I get to tell you about the choices I make, good or bad, and I get to share about how I am changing.

Ten years ago, at 19, I had no real plan for my life, no real purpose or direction. For my 19th birthday my best friend bought me a tattoo. Yup. I have a tattoo. It’s kinda funny looking back because It’s just a silly little tattoo. But I got one. I was getting ready to travel to the other side of the country for college. I was preparing to leave my family, friends, and embark on a new journey. I remember being scared, excited, and full of hope and doubt all at the same time. I was hopeful that I would have a good life, but doubtful that I could make it on my own. I was hurting, and running from that hurt. In September of 2001 though, as I got to college I had an encounter that changed the course and direction of my life forever. God met me in the desert of Colorado and because I said yes, He transformed me, healed me of the emotional pain I felt inside, and showed me the person I could be with His help. Each day with Him is an adventure. As I turn 29, I barely remember the person I was a decade ago. I was lost, but now I am found.

Thinking about what the Lord has brought me already in the past year; a son, a new job, opportunities for my business, changing ministry roles, I feel like I have one area where I have really neglected. I have neglected to take care of me. So today, my 29th birthday, I make a declaration about what this next year will bring. There will be tears, there will be laughter, but there will be weight-loss, there will be healthy choices. I feel kinda like I did at 19, a little scared, hopeful, and doubtful. But I will courageously put down the former things and push forward, no matter what. I hope you find yourself blessed this Thursday. I know I am.

In Christ,

Kristi Crosson


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