Wednesday Weigh-in #2: 222

Woot woot!! Down a pound. I am excited. Scared. Nervous. What does this next year bring? Can I really do it? Can I really get down to a weight that I’ve only ever dreamed of weighing? It feels like I am searching for a unicorn. For something that doesn’t really exist. 130? For real? Can I really be that weight? I know I am focused on weight, but the reality is that 130 represents something to me that I have not really ever had. My lowest has been around 150, the height of my weight was 265 the week I gave birth to my son. But 130 is in that actual “healthy” weight bracket. I’ve only ever been overweight or obese. There. I said the “O” word. My name is Kristi and I am obese. I eat too much and exercise too little, and my body shows it. But not for much longer. Because I lost 1 pound. 1 amazing pound! Soon the days of plus-sized clothing will be gone.

So how did I do it this week? How did I lose 1 pound. I focused this week on 2 major things.

1. I stopped drinking my calories and drank only water. No soda, no juice, no milkshakes. Actually the hardest for me was juice. I LOVE juice. I think it is an amazing beverage.

2. I planned ahead and ate foods that were more “whole”, less processed, with less sodium. Think mostly whole grain bread, lean meats, dairy, frozen or fresh veggies, and fruits. I also eat granola bars. My favorite right now are the pumkin spice flax crunchy ones from Kashi. yum.

Clearly not everyday or every meal was perfect. Yesterday I ate cookies. Okay, I ate 5 cookies, but they were small….My point is that I am on  a journey. If I stumble along the way, it’s ok. Because I am learning new habits that will replace the old.

What’s your success today?




One thought on “Wednesday Weigh-in #2: 222

  1. Way to go!!!!!
    I didnt lose anything this week. Which is good I guess..Could I have done more to fix that, yes! But did I, NO :(..My goal for the week to come is to put in more working out in my plan weather I want to or not…Hope I lose at least a pound for next week. Keep up the good work sis!!!

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