Define Success then celebrate it!!!

My mom committed to a new way of living and eating a few weeks ago. She has lost at least 10 lbs. and is doing awesome. I was so disappointed when she said, “I haven’t lost anything, it isn’t working, the weight isn’t coming off”. So I asked her what weight she started at, she told me, I then asked her what the scale says now, and she told me that weight too. She had lost 10 lbs. I told her that 10lbs was awesome!! Because it was, it is. Her definition of success was unrealistic. She thought that unless you are losing 10 or 20 pounds a week, you aren’t successful. She thought that she was failing at this new way of living because it wasn’t these “huge” numbers.

I say that every pound lost is a success, and each one should be celebrated! Some weeks I know I will lose 1.75 pounds or more, and maybe some weeks I will lose less, but each week I will lose. When I choose water over soda, and fruit over icecream, when I decide that going for a walk is more important than watching TV, I will have success in that moment. In order to succeed, you have to know what it looks like when you arrive. Weight-loss isn’t a sprint, you don’t have to get there the fastest, it’s a marathon that takes time, and what’s more important than finishing first, is finishing what you’ve set out to do.

So today, I encourage you to define what success looks like, and then celebrate each small victory along the way.

Happy Tuesday and God Bless you on your journey!



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