Mom Mondays: Priorities

So I am a mommy. I love being a mommy. I can’t wait until my son starts calling me mommy. 🙂 I work full-time, run a small business, and oh yes, now I blog. So how do I have time for all of this and get to be a good mom? Well, priorities in my life look like this:

1.My relationship with Jesus Christ (you know…God)

2.My Husband/My marriage

3.My baby

4. Everything Else.

At church on Sunday, the Pastor spoke about honor. The funny thing is that I actually wrote part of this post on Friday. When he spoke of honor, it was about honoring God first, husband/spouse second, children third, and the community and everyone else after that.

A lot of times husband and baby are reversed, and the baby comes above and beyond everything, even to the detriment of the marriage. But here’s why my marriage takes precedence: My husband and I are a team. If I honor God first, then my husband, it’ll flow naturally that I will honor my child, and care for him. But when things get out of order, they get a little messed up, and problems ensue. So today, I would ask who do you honor first? Evaluate your priorities and make sure they are in the right order.




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