Stress-Free Sundays

I think Sundays should be a day where there is no stress, you simply get to enjoy the day, and rest. Sundays I go to church. I go because I want to, not because its tradition or I think I have to. I go to worship God, fellowship with other Christians, meet new people, and maybe even see someone give their life to Jesus. Its pretty cool. My faith, my relationship with God is the most important relationship in my life. So, if I reference it, you’ll know why. Worshipping God in the traditional, music playing hands-up kinda sense, for me is a huge stress relief. As is reading the Bible. It causes me to focus on God rather than my problems, challenges, or issues. It causes me to focus my energies and my attention on Him and how good He is. And usually, the solutions to my problems are simple. So here’s to a stress-free Sunday, God’s goodness, and the love He has for us.




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