Saturday Sweating

To lose 1.75 lbs. per week, there will need to be some exercising. Oh yes, the 95 lbs. that has to go by the time I turn 30 on June 30, 2012, can be broken down into 1.75 lbs. per week. Does that sound manageable? I think it does.  Saturdays posts are related to exercise, because exercise makes you sweat. Well, it makes me sweat.

Did I tell you I recently had a baby? Yes, in fact my son was born on April 1st. Yes April Fools Day. The joke was on me really. You see a couple of years ago I decided to tell my sister I was pregnant. On April Fools Day. But I wasn’t really pregnant. I just wanted to see what her reaction would be. She said that I would probably have a baby on April Fools Day because of my jokestering (not really a word…I made it up). I was in labor for 17 hours. I am kinda small framed, and I pushed out an almost 9 lb. baby boy. I love him so much.

In the process of giving birth, I strained a couple of my major nerves leading into my legs. My legs were so numb that I had difficulty walking for weeks. Stairs were the hardest. I still have a numb area on one leg that starts about halfway between my knee-cap and goes up about 6 inches on my quads. My exercising may be a little lame for a while until all of that comes back. But on the Biggest Loser one of the guys lost over 100lbs just shadow boxing. Apparently it’s possible to lose weight eating right and doing cardio activities that don’t involve the legs.

Yesterday I walked. Yup. Me. Walking. The hubby, baby and I walked over to friend’s house about a half-mile away. Well, the baby didn’t walk, he was pushed in the stroller…but that’s the most I have walked in one stretch in a long time. I think since before the baby. wow. I gotta say, it felt great. Maybe I should do it again today.


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