Food Friday::Fruit and cake. not to be confused with fruit-cake.

To continue with the alliteration theme that’s going on for my posts, Friday will be dedicated to food. This could be me sharing a yummy, healthy recipe, me telling you what I ate that I should not have, or me talking about my relationship with food. This is like me saying “Hello, my name is Kristi, and I am a carboholic. I have been processed sugar free for about 2 hours, and boy am I craving a candy bar”. đŸ™‚ Anywhooo, food.

The strawberries this season have been amazing so far, and I think I eat half a pound of strawberries a day. They are that yummy. Right now I can’t tell you how many calories that is, but since I am supposed to eat around 5 servings of fruits and veggies a day, this counts as half maybe..? I also enjoy those mini watermelons. I like to cut them in half and eat out one side with a spoon. Sounds a little primitive, but why waste time cutting it when you’re just going to eat half of it anyways?

I haven’t eaten any fruit today. I know..shocking. I have a giant jar of applesauce in the fridge at home that  I might dig into for dessert tonight, and the lemon cake from our catered lunch at work was a delicious treat. And I mean D-Licious. Again, not certain on the calories, but since I haven’t been counting them..I guess it doesn’t matter right? Not true, but yummy cake only comes around once in a while. I am going to guess it was around 600 calories. Let me go check the website……..***away from blog post momentarily***…hmm. I am back. No nutritional information on The Biaggi’s website. So I am sticking with 600 calories because the most comparable food is from Olive Garden, and that one has has 610. ouch. Looks like I will be walking tonight. Maybe I should have just eaten a lemon instead of lemon cake…

Have a blessed day!



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