Wednesday Weigh-In #1: 223 lbs.

So I picked Wednesdays for weigh-ins for no other reason than that Wednesday and Weigh-in both start with “W”. I think its catchy. I will post my weight here (good or bad) every wednesday, and once a month include a photo of my progress.

Oh yes, there will be photos. Did I mention I am a photographer? I love pictures. I even love pictures of me…which is weird because most people hate pictures of themselves, but even when I am fat and huge I like to look at me. Maybe I am a bit of a narcissist (is that how you spell that word..?), but really I think that people should like to look at photos of themselves enjoying life regardless of the size of skin they have on. That’s not to say that I think I look the greatest, but a good photo of me smiling or having fun, reminds me that life is more than what we eat or how we look. And by “we” I mean me.


One thought on “Wednesday Weigh-In #1: 223 lbs.

  1. Ill weigh in with you..It may make me do better if Im putting it on the web ;)..Soooo its 194 :( I was 168 when I got preggo with Rhys so my goal is to get to that by Dec. Will I get there..Who knows but i hope to get the motivation by doing it with you..Love ya!! Here’s to a new us!!

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