Tuesday’s Tip #1:Gather those around you that Support you

When I told my husband about what I planned to do over the next year, he was super supportive. Then he told me that I would be an international blog sensation, write a book, then sell it and make millions. After that, a movie would be made about me…like in Julie and Julia about food…hmmm. I have to smile, and laugh. My intention is not to make millions, not to have lots of people even read this, although eventually it will be nice to know that someone besides me is out there with a similar story to tell. My intention is simply this: To take control over my health and share my story with others.

So for the very first “Tuesday’s Tip”: Gather people around you who love you, support you, and believe that all things are possible.

Have a great day, and GOD BLESS!!

My husband is my #1 supporter. He loves me, but he knows that being at this weight is hard on me. He knows I have a lot to work through, and I think he’s ready to go on this journey with me.


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