Less Than 20 Pounds to Go!

Every Weigh-in to me is monumental. Each time I lose even an ounce of weight, I am so excited. I really do celebrate each one lost. No amount of weight lost is too small for me. I get so excited when I see the scale move down. And I am so grateful to God for…

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Size 6 and 4!!!

Not gonna lie, I pretty much did a happy dance in the dressing room of Kohl’s over the weekend. I picked out a new pair of pants and grabbed the 6, just in case, and while I was at it, I decided I would grab the size 4 of a really really cute dress. Part…

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Pinterest Inspiration-The Mustard Seed

I was looking at scripture images on Pinterest and came across one that showed a finger holding a mustard seed. The scripture is in reference to Matthew 17:20 which says, “…. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to…

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What We Used to Eat vs. What We eat Now

My hubby and I were talking over the weekend as we were grocery shopping about what our diet used to look like. I was having a hard time remembering what we ate on a regular basis. We have been doing this long enough now, that this is what’s normal. But after talking for awhile, we…

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Wheat Free Journey

The Importance of Good Support

  I tell my hubby often that I don’t think I could’ve done this without his support. There are not words that I could use to express my gratefulness for my husband choosing to come on this crazy journey with me. He watched me struggle early in our marriage. I had gained about 20-30 pounds,…

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New Dress

Getting Crafty-Me in my new dress

I have had a dress pattern for a couple of years (at least) with the intention of making a dress for myself. This is pretty interesting considering, I did not learn how to use a sewing machine until about 5 years ago out of necessity. Aside from making curtains and some blankets, my creative endeavors…

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Shock and Awe

This week a lot of people have commented in good ways on the weight loss. I get a lot of the “how did you do it?” or “how much have you lost?”. To be honest when I non-nonchalantly tell them 120 pounds or so, their mouths hit the floor. I am in shock and awe…

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